Some Common-Sense Basic Rules
!! Safety is imperative, never compromise your safety or the safety of people around you!! Aside from equipment failure there is no excuse for putting life and limb on the line in a situation where it could be avoided.
1. You must be a member of the AMA to fly at the field, non-AMA members may not fly except under special circumstances set aside by the AMA such as "letting a friend try to fly one time"
2. Guests must be AMA members as well except in circumstances as indicated in rule #1.
3. Do not fly behind the flightline, over your head, over the pits, over vehicles or farm machinerry/machinery operators EVER. Be respectful and mindful of your safery, your fellow pilots safety and farm workers at ALL times.
4. Be respectful to the property. Pick up your litter and throw it in the provided trashcans, don't leave junk in the field.
5. Be respectful to other pilots. Be friendly and courteous at all times. We are all there to have fun. Share the field, make sure people get a chance to fly if a 'one at a time' method is in place. If a problem does arise, handle it maturely like an adult.
6. Non-Flyers come by to work on the property(property owner and family) be respectful, kind and courteous to them at all times.
7. The grass, fence, equipment, wind sock, frequency board and other R/C related items at the field have been bought or donated by the members of the club, do not damage or deface this property.
8. If you crash in a cornfield, disturb the corn as little as possible during retrieval it is the lifeblood of the farmer and we don't want to upset him.
9. Accidents can happen. If an out of control aircraft hits and damages machinery, vehicles or buildings, take detailed photos of the damage and contact Rob Ripchick(President) or Mike Griffin(Vice-President) as soon as possible and inform them of what happened, how, and the damage. A quick response and action on our part goes a long way. It could be detrimental to the club to cause damage and leave without saying anything, than to accept responsibility for the damage. (AMA coverage comes in here).
10. The address, GPS co-ordinates and emergency phone numbers will be posted at the field in case they are required. Know where these are located and be prepared to provide them to emergency operators
11. Use the frequency board. Make sure that the other pilots are using the frequency board as well. Funflys require a radio impound operated by a club member to prevent accidental turn-ons which result in extremely dangerous conditions.
12. This field was formed from the desire of a large group of people to specifically have a helicopter field, however we welcome and accommodate airplane fliers as indicated by the large runway.
13. The club and it's membership should not tolerate the whole "Heli's Vs. Airplanes" or "Airplanes Vs. Helis" mentality and should make this known if it comes up.
14. If you meet an unfamiliar face at the field, introduce yourself, find out who they are, and if they have permission to fly at the field. If they don't but are AMA let them fly at the field as your guest while you are there and then recommend they stop by 3D-RC at the Orange County Airport to talk to Rob Ripchick about the club.
15. Replace your divots.