6-20-09  Updated Site I am getting back into this hobby, I will be moving a lot of the laser specific content here over to my New Laser Site and while this one will remain, the new site will be the only one updated with any current projects. The first project will be to fire up this 3 Watt argon tube I've been sitting on for over 5 years!

10-5-06  Still for sale! items below are still below for anyone interested, i will take photos or anything else you would like and post them here.

3-19-06  More For Sale!!! I have some large energy storage capacitors for sale and I'm offering them to the people who visit my webpages. I have decided to empty out my storage unit and cut some costs of just keeping this stuff in there, so I should have some interesting deals on equipment. The capacitors I am selling are 1 @ 8.5Kj, and 2 at 5kJ at 10kV each, these weigh between 100-150 a piece, so you are definetly responsible for the freight shipping! (Roadway shipping preffered, we can get it done pretty cheap). Capacitors will be shorted to prevent any charge accumulation, palleted and shipped. Keep watching for more details on theese capacitors, as well as the other items, that I'm going to be blowing out the door ( large argon ion laser tube, 40 Amp motor driven variac, etc!)MAKE AN OFFER!

8-31-05  I made some minor revisions to the website which include cleaning up some of pages, fixing a few images and other little things here and there. Please feel free to link the site, or make requests for high voltage experiments, I can always use some encouragement to keep vaporizing and burning things with light and electricity.

3-12-05  I just recieved a new nitrogen laser from an old laser buddy of mine. The laser was apparently built for a laboratory experiment and then gotten rid of. I love how these things find their way to me. Pictures are available in the image section of the web site.

10-11-04  I was not able to build a power for the 3 Watt Argon this summer, however we did just get a 220V 50AMP circuit installed so I am going to start wiring up some electronics to get this beastie running and pumping some photons. Stay tuned!

10-10-04  I have new e-mail addresses, please contact me at [email protected] .

1-5-04  The site was moved to a new server apologies for any downtime. I am not updating this page currently as I have no HV or Laser projects going. This Spring or Summer I will build a power supply and get the 3 watt tube fired up. Check What I am Doing Now

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