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Product / Item Fromeco Arizona Helicopter Regulator
Article Part 1 - Static Testing 1(3 Minute Runs, Primary Reg)
Part 2 - Static Testing 2 (10 Minute Runs, Primary Reg)
Part 3 - Static Testing 3 (Primary Reg + Gyro Reg)
Part 4 - Real World 1
Part 5 - Real World 2
Date Published Part 1 - July 12th, 2005
Summary Personal testing of Fromeco's new Helicopter specific dual voltage regulator. this regulator seperates the regulation circuitry for gyro's and the rest of your radio system, providing more stable power to your gyro and allowing you to increase the voltage on the rest of the system without exceeding the power supply specifications of the Gyro.

Development Articles
Topic Building your own Lithium Ion Packs
Article View This Article
Date Published Not Completed
Summary This article is intended to show that you can build your own 4800mAh Lithium Ion battery packs for under $50 a piece.