The Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 V2 was the first helicopter I built and flew. I built this heli in Feburary and March of 2003 and thanks to the help from a local flier, Bill, I started down the slippery slope which is R/C Helicopters.
Model Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 V2
Engine O.S. Engines .70ci Nitromethonal 'Glow' Heli Engine
Main Rotor Various Types, 1540mm Diameter
Tail Rotor Maverick Carbon Fiber, 230mm Diameter
Airframe Dimensions 1370mm long x 465mm Tall x 190mm Wide
Radio Equipment 4000mAh Ni-Mh Battery, JR700 FM Reciever, GY401 Gyro/9253 Digital Tail Servo, JR Digital Servos
This was my first helicopter purchase since my fateful experience with a Hobby Lobby Sport 500 helicopter about 15 years ago. The Thunder Tiger Raptor 60 V2 is an excellent kit and was pretty easy to put together using the well written instructions provided with the kit. I had this kit built in under a week.

Once I had built the kit a local heli pilot, Bill, taught me how to set it up. He had to show me several times as I kept undoing some of his adjustments trying to get it to feel right for me. Eventually I was able to rip through the setup after a crash in much less time and do it right thanks to his assistance.

The Raptor 60 wasn't the obvious choice for a beginner helicopter, but I had heard repeated multiple times that a 60 size heli is more stable than a 50 size helicopter. Additionally the frames on the Raptor 60 were much more to my liking than those on the Raptor 30/50 line of kits.

The Raptor 60 flew great and I flew it for about a year and a half. It was a very smooth flying helicopter and I advanced quite a bit with it. One of the few modifications I made to this heli were the replacement of the upper and lower main shaft bearing blocks. I didn't like the way the stock plastic ones 'worked' and the CNC aluminum bearing blocks seemed much more sturdy and usable. They were!

I originally started with the OS .60 Heli engine but that eventually got one lean run too many and seized up in flight, I was forced to auto down and that did not go so well. It took my work crew (pictured below) a few days to get the new engine in and the heli rebuilt.

With the OS 70 this model would fly for around 9 to 11 minutes depending on how you were flying it. I would average about 8 flights per gallon of fuel, it was a bit expensive to run but I felt pretty secure with this machine when everything was running properly. I ran both engines primarily on Cool Power fuels at the time and some Byron on the side. I'm not a picky fuel punk so I run whatever is available and works well. Wildcat, Cool Power, even Byron. The Byron has a lot of oil in it and smokes quite a bit though, which I kind of liked.
The Raptor 60 was my most well traveled heli. It went all over with me. I took it to a heli field in Syracuse, NY, a friends backyard, a ski resort in Vermont and quite a few fields here locally. I was just totally attached to this one.
Just a fun pic, this is the Raptor 60 setting behind my Zoom/Shogun micro-heli. These things come in all different sizes and purposes. It definetly gets you all wrapped up and there is something out there for everyone to fit your budget and available space.
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