The Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 is a new addition to my fleet as of January 2005. Here are some of the specifications for this particular helicopter as well as some nice photo's.
Model Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 V2(Heliproz Velociraptor)
Engine O.S. Engines .50ci Nitromethonal 'Glow' Heli Engine
Main Rotor Maverick Carbon Fiber, 1345mm Diameter
Tail Rotor Maverick Carbon Fiber, 230mm Diameter
Airframe Dimensions 1150mm long x 400mm Tall x 110mm Wide
Radio Equipment Duralite 4000mAh Lithium Ion, Futaba 149DP Reciever, GY401 Gyro/9254 Digital Tail Servo, Analog Servos
I purchased this helicopter used with very low time on it from a local flier who decided to take some time off from the hobby. As per most of the Thunder Tiger helis they go together pretty quick and straightforward. The "Velociraptor" is a special version of the Raptor 50 which includes modifications by Heliproz including CNC Machined metal head components such as the washout block and control arms, fully enclosed flybar control arms, metal swashplate and a couple of other minor modifcations which add a nice look to the black frames and components in the chopper.

I added a CNC Machined tail case to the helicopter. This tail case was machined by cforcht of RunRyder and although it does nothing for performance, it's very nice, agressive and industrial looking which fits the look I am going for on this heli. There are some purple and red bits on the heli right now, these will be eventually be all red and aluminum colors unless someone begins to produce fluorescent orange anodized or powder coated Raptor parts.

This model is also upgraded with a CNC Black and AL color pitch control arm, and a CNC push pull elevator conversion. The pitch arm is just for looks, but the push/pull elevator mod makes a big difference. In high speeds the single rod would bend and cause the heli to pitch down which can be quite unnerving. The Push/Pull prevents this from happening and feels much more solid in flight.

The Raptor 50 is a nice flying helicopter and it has plenty of of power to pull it through some hardcore maneuvers. It is definetly up to any kind of flying that I will throw at it for the next couple of years as I advance in the hobby. I sold the Raptor 60 to purchase this helicopter. It made sense to buy something a little smaller physically, with a better power to weight ratio and a .60 class helicopter. Also in addition to these advantages the Bergen Gasser was soon to find a place in my lineup so a small agressive helicopter to go with a big sky yacht like the Bergen was a good match.
This model will fly for 10-12 minutes on a tank of fuel which goes by pretty quick as you whip the bird around in stall-turns, piroettes, flips, rolls and other fun things. The climbout is impressive when you slam the collective to the top, and it drops just as fast when you slam it to the bottom. It's a joy to fly and is pretty easy going.

I just recently added the Thunder Tigeer "slime green" paddles to this and they definetly do improve response, but I am in still in the process of testing them to see how much difference they have actually made.

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