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08-29-05 -- I made it out to the Performance Hobbies Heli Jamborie out nearRochester, NY this weekend with some of my local friends. I got to seeAlan Szabo fly and a lot of other good pilots as well. Of note, for mewas seeing the Bergen Interpid Turbine and the Zealous turbine, both runningon Wren MW54s. On Saturday the Bergen burst into flames but was okay, apparentlythe propane hose came off after he touched down, that's gotta make your heart jump!

07-05-05 -- I am adding a Research and Development section. I have a hard time staying away fromR/C gadgets so I decided to share my experiences with other people. The first Research article will be some testing of the Fromeco Arizona Helo Regulator I just recently purchased. I want to put thisthing through it's paces before putting it on the heli. I'll run it head to head with a Duralite regulatorin all of the tests to see how it performs. The first development article will be information on buildingyour own Lithium Ion battery packs for a 3rd of the cost of similar setups. I should have one or the otherup within the next week or two.

07-04-05 -- Happy 4th Folks. I got some great flying in on the Raptor 50 yesterday and today , I have yet to add a pictures section for events and weekends but I will eventually. I put the Bergen in a week ago. There was a mechanical or electronics failure having to do with the tail and I dumped the heli rather than trying to save an out of control chopper. "Them's the breaks" but the damage was minimal so it's no big deal, the crash photo isn't much of anything, I'll put it up in the crash section though.

06-16-05 -- I finally took some time out from flying to build a web page dedicated towards my new addiction, Radio Controlled model helicopters. At first they might sound boring, ooo, fly around big deal. These models are capable of flying upside down and performing maneuvers which seem to defy physics (Although they are just applying physics very well). The flying aspect of the hobby is fun, but there are technical and mechanical aspects to it which are very rewarding. Please look around my site and, if so inclined, leave some feedback via the 'Contact' menu item on the left. I've added some old news items which happened before the site was made to fill in some history.

04-05 -- I have added a new heli to my collection, the Bergen Intrepid EB Gasser (whew, long name!) the Bergen uses a 26cc Gasoline powered engine as compared to the more common nitro-methonal fuel many model engines burn.

01-05 -- I sold the Raptor 60 and bought a Raptor 50 from a local heli buddy that was taking a break from the hobby. The Raptor 50 is a great heli and I'm having a blast with it!

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