Welcome to my R/C Helicopters page. I have decided to make pages for all of my hobbies as I enjoy sharing them with people who care to check them out.

I started off in the world of R/C in my mid teens. I flew airplanes and gliders for the most parts, but really wanted to try out radio controlled helicopters. I bought one, a Sport 500, but this thing just was no good. Some people have gotten them to fly OK, but the design could use a complete redesign. This heli shouldn't have been advertised as a beginners heli!.

I got out of the R/C stuff for quite a while. I really wanted to do the heli's but it was just to expensive for me at that time. For the next 12 or so years I kept looking at them and holding off, but I finally took the dive after getting a new job with a good enough income to explore the hobby.

I started off with the Raptor 60, that was a great helicopter and I had a lot of fun and crashes with it. I've also had a Century Hummingbird, Zoom/Shogun 400, even a Nexus at one point. I still love the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) helicopters over the electrics. Electrics are supposed to be hassle free, but the nitro and gas helis have taken me a lot less effort to keep in the air than any of my attempts with electric helicopters. I prefer the sound of gas engines as well.

I am currently flying a Raptor 50 with an OS 50, Begen Intrepid EB Gasser with G260, and a Hirobo XRB with two small electric motors.

R/C Heli's are a great hobby, I've been learning a lot and having a lot of fun at the same time. The people you meet up with in the hobby are great as well. At the field all classes of people come together for the intent purpose of having some fun with model aircraft. The guys in the club are great guys and always ready to lend a helping hand and also good at keeping things real.

Although the lasers we're a fun hobby before, there was really no social interaction with other people aside from phone and e-mail. With the helicopters you get to hang out with real people with real lives with similar interest which is totally rewarding.

If you're interested in getting into this hobby I recommend that you have some spare time, can afford it(one way or another!), and are willing to take the time it learns to set up your helicopter and fly it safely. This all comes pretty easy if you have a good crowd to hang out with. There are quite a few people who fly Radio Controlled Helicopters, and more than likely there are some in your area as well. Take some time to look at some of the forums in the links section and visit them. Most people indicate where they are from and the amount of information provided in these forums is invaluable to a beginner and experienced pilot alike.

You're likely to have some questions about the hobby, I'm always open to e-mails from folks who are curious, just hit the Contact button on the main page to send me an E-mail.
Jon Caywood