The Century Hummingbird Fixed Pitch was my first Micro-Electric heli was my first Micro, I was looking for something that I could fly around the apartment or at the office.
Model Shogun/Zoom Micro-Electric
Engine Brushed Motor, Century "Birdseed" battery, Century Speed Control
Main Rotor Plastic stock blades, 514mm Diameter
Tail Rotor Plastic, 146mm Diameter
Airframe Dimensions 469mm long x 165mm Tall
Radio Equipment Century Micro-Reciever, Century Gyro, Unknown Micro-Servos
This little guy was plagued with problems and I just wasn't willing to invest money into it to make it what it should have been in the first place. My theory is that when you produce a product, it should be fully capable in it's stock form. You shouldn't have to go spend another $200 or $300 to make it work right when the kit didn't even cost that much. YES I'll pay more for the original kit if it's built right.

Here are some photo's to look at.

The photo below is the Hummingbird sitting next to the flybar of my Raptor 60. This truly is a small helicopter.

The most fun I had with this helicopter was making the night blade mod for it. A photo of the mod is below. More detail can be found in the R&D section of this website.