09-25-14 -- Newer content is at my Jon's Hobbies Wordpress blog.

06-21-09 -- I've recently been flying my ACE Mini-Titan heli and will be updating the website with all sorts of stuff relating to it, though you'll have to wait for the crash photos. I have not officially (hehe) crashed this helicopter yet. I consider a crash as ordering parts, but maybe that would make my last major parts upgrade a crash? I'm going to try to get some pics up today if all goes well! I've been doing a lot of updating to my websites at ThalTech to try and get them back to some sense of maintenance.

05-29-09 -- I ordered a bunch of parts for the Mini-Titan and have installed them. I ordered a Scorpion brushless HK2221-8 motor and 15 tooth pinion for the thing and it runs great! Additionally replaced the plastic lower control arms with metal to help stiffen up the head mechanics a little bit as well. Along with the addition of a Phoenix-45 speed control from Castle Creations, things are running smooth. I love this bird!

09-06-05 -- I have some new HeliCam videos to share with you all, check them out in the videos section! The videos were shot by my buddy and myself with the help of some friendly local rocketry folks.

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