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  6 responses to 84 to 89 Honda Accord Combo Switch Repair

  • Owned 1987 honda accord. have light problems
    thank you for the video save me money. $500 dollar. every thing works now. thanks

  • Robert vonBriese
    Comment on Honda Accord Combination Switch Removal, Repair and Replacement (September 30th, 2013 at 18:58)

    My headlight/turn signal switch on my 1987 Honda Accord was defective; finally found a replacement part at a reasonable price on E-Bay. However, when I called the local Honda service dealer, they said they could not work on it for at least a few weeks, if at all. My local backyard mechanic friend said he did not want to work on it either. They all seem to be reluctant to work on a 26 year old vehicle.
    After watching this video, I feel confident that I can do it myself. I don’t see anything that I cannot do, especially since I am only changing the switch stem and not the entire assembly.
    Thanks for the detailed step-by-step instructions.

    Honda Accord Combination Switch Removal, Repair and Replacement

  • Well, I did it – BUT there were some unexpected complications.
    #1) The most difficult, time consuming step was the removal and re-installation of the horn assembly from the steering wheel. The screws are at an angle that made every screwdriver too short or too long. I finally worked it out by using a phillips head drill bit with a long shank.

    2) I just wanted to replace the headlight/turn signal stem so I removed the old one and then discovered that the replacement was a bit wider and would not fit. So, using a Dremel tool with a grinder head, I shaved a bit of plastic off the tabs until I could squeeze the stem assembly into place.

    3) When I put it all back together, the headlights would not come on and the 4-way flashers would not go off. This meant that I had to take it all apart again. The horn assembly removal was quicker this time. I discovered that the hold-down plate for the stem was upside down and the little toggle tail that engages the sliding contact switch was not in the correct position. Fixed that and then tried to figure out the flasher malfunction – I had not used the flashers since owning this vehicle. The problem was that I did not know how to turn them off, the switch is not a back & forth toggle – it is a slider.

    I am thankful that there was an actual problem with the headlight switch installation. I would have been very angry with myself if I took the entire steering wheel apart again because I did not know how to turn off the flashers.

    One other note: there is a small ball bearing held in place by a spring on the right side of the stem assembly. It is almost impossible to install the stem with the ball in place – unless you hold a magnet against the plastic frame to hold the ball in place while you slip the stem assembly into position.

    Honda Accord Combination Switch Removal, Repair and Replacement

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