Comment on Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve Design by Jon-A.

Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve DesignJon-c, thanks for you help and input. The latching valve suggestion was very interesting. Here are a couple things I found. There are a few sprinkler valves that offer latching solenoids and run off 9volt DC transiter type battery. I am not sure but I think the reason for that is they may have timers that would still run even if the power is out and it could operate the vavles on the 9volt backup battery they have. Like I said I havent researched that yet, so it is my thought. I did find a very cool valve that runs a fair amount of air through and still runs on 12volts. I am bench testing it now and it is working like a charm. The valve I got is:
Thanks for your help on this. Jon-A

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