Comment on Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve Design by Jon-A.

Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve DesignMy valve does not have a stereo plug. Just a two (large Pin) plug. I tried using twelve volts to close the valve with not success. When it opens there is no water or water pressure connected to it. I am currently just trying to open and close the valve stand-alone. I tried the 3volt and 12volt and reversing the polarity on both, with not success. When I hook up to the timer and put a voltmeter on the timer side of the plug I can see the momentary pulse of electricity that closes the vavle back up. Although because it is happening so quick I don’t know the exact amount. So I am wondering if it is a specific amount (of volts/amps) that is sending a specific signal to the valve. It can’t be that complicated that I shouldn’t be able to get this to open and close. One side note is I am going to be requlating air through the valve and not water, but this should be able to do what I need. If I can’t get this to work do you have any ideas/suggestions of another electronic valve that I can open and close with 12volts or less DC? The valve can’t weigh more than maybe 5 ounces at most. I don’t expect you to spend too much time on this, but any quick thoughts is great, otherwise I will go to plan B, what ever that may be. I did have a valve that did what I wanted. It was just controled by a silonoid so when it had power to it the valve was open and when I turned the power off it was closed. This orbit vavle would be better because having the valve open for two house or more doesn’t have any draw on it, so I have better battery life. Thanks for your help so far and again, don’t spend too much time on this, but your thoughts would be great.

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