Comment on Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve Design by Jon-A.

Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve DesignHey this is Jon-A (not to be confused with JonC)…. I am trying determine how to interface directly with the Orbit Vigoro valve and open and close it through my own interface. Putting a meter on the timer/controller when it turns those valves on for a duration and then of, it seems to put a certain voltage to open, and then later when it is closing the valve it puts another volatage to the valve. Between the open and close times there is no voltage going to the valve. I can open the valve by puting 3v(from 2 AA batteries), but I am unable to close it without reattaching the valve to the coltroller. Do you have any idea how to open and then close the valve through your own interface. The Orbit Vigoro I have is the 345-179 model. It looks a little bit different than your contolller, but I am hoping the valve interface is the same.

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