Comment on Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve Design by DC Gao.

Vigoro 3015V Sprinkler Timer Internals and Valve DesignVeey good work JonC!
Your post is so wonderful that helped me greatly while I doing my repairing.
My Vigoro 3015 had a totally different problem. The location of my hose bibb is bad which resulted in the timer got wet fiarly easy. During our 1 week off time a small amount of water was leaking in on the LCD desplay and I can’t read it any more. After several hours of try I concluded I had to tear the case appart and clear the display surface. Right before I did that I found your post and immediately realized it was not reversible and I won’t be able to seal it back on as good as manufacturer orignally did.
I made another approach and patiently “cook” it in oven at 170 F (no and off every 5 minutes to avoid overheating).I am still half way done but I knew it was a better way because I could barely see the numbers now already.

Thanks so much!


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