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  • Jim
    Comment on Heli-Max Novus CP Nano-Helicopter (April 6th, 2010 at 13:19)

    Hey there,
    I just picked up a CP from eBay for some easy flying in the back yard. I’d love to know how/where you found the configs for the radio to enable idle-up inverted flight. I’ve used Futaba’s for years and would like the idle-up to have a “V” shaped throttle curve (with the point being around 75% throttle. I’m also trying to figure out how to get the pitch settings adjusted similarly.


    Heli-Max Novus CP R/C Helicopter

    • Hi Jim, sorry for the slow response, the blog software isn’t notifying me by email when I get comments for some reason. The helicopter is set up new in box, at least with this radio I got in the kit for idle up flight just by flipping the switch. I think there are a variety of radios that they shipped these depending on the brand name and date they were made. In the manual there are descriptions of how to open the back cover and flip switches to enter programming mode, and then turn the knobs to to change the curves, expo, etc. then you switch the programming switch back and it saves the settings. It’s nothing like setting up a Futaba radio, unfortunately, and is very difficult it seems. But the default settings should allow you to just flip the idle up switch.

      Heli-Max Novus CP R/C Helicopter

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