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  6 responses to The LED Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up

  • Judy Caywood
    Comment on The Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up (December 22nd, 2009 at 01:12)

    The lights are beautiful – I took Grandma and Paco driving around Maple Valley two nights to look at Christmas lights. I can’t wait to see the rest once you have them up. I know it can be a lot of climbing and work so I am really glad you can leave them up for a few weeks to enjoy. Love you honey. Mom

  • -xenonion-
    Comment on The Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up (December 26th, 2009 at 11:21)

    What no sync to FM transmitted music with DMX control over each string with at least 256 levels of fading? Are you slipping? hehehehehe

    • While I think those are kind of cool, they’ve been a bit overdone. Maybe a high power laser Christmas display with high end galvos and stuff for next year. ok ok, not likely. Hey at least all the lights put up this year were LED. I like the look of the LEDs vs the glowing filaments, but I’m a bit partial to semiconductors! Hope you had a good Christmas.

  • -xenonion-
    Comment on The Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up (January 27th, 2010 at 02:50)

    Hey Jon,
    Yes, I had a great Christmas, got a nice little 0.10 size outrunner/ESC/LiPO that will go nice in a yak 54 from electrifly. Additionally, I got a cap 580 foamy, which was a ton of fun, until I got it up and running pretty well. Then flew it into a ice/snow bank and it rekitted itself.

    Man that little heli looks like fun! I bet you didn’t struggle with that impulse buy at all!

    As for the light show, I’ve seen respectable galvos (20k) on ebay for $200 get a nice DPSS laser and you could be making graphics in no time, with some of the free software available.

    I do disagree on your preference for semiconductor over filament. The flow of the filament is always warm and inviting, those blue LED’s can be harsh at points. Though, based on energy usage i’d still go for the LED’s.

    The LED Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up

    • Glad you had a good Christmas! Get some pics of the Yak 54 flying when you get it in the air! It’s a shame about the 580, I would perhaps file a complaint to the manufacturer about your plane re-kitting itself, usually it requires the skilled hand a of a pilot to pull that off!

      The Novus is a fun/aggravating little heli. It flew alright with the stock motor, though I hear the brushed motor runs for about 30 flights before it gives out. Apparently they use fingered brushes and they melt down. I did get the brushless upgrade kit for it, but had some problems with the brushless motor for the tail. I finally got the tail motor working, but haven’t had a chance to fly it yet.

      As for LEDs vs Filament. I guess it’s a matter of classical vs. modern. In another 20 years I bet the only filament lights left will be stuff old codgers collect to remind them of the ‘olden days’ of soft lighting. In fact, you just raised the ‘tube amplifier’ vs ‘transistor amplifier’ argument over Christmas lights. Shame on you! 😀

      The LED Christmas Lights Have Been Put Up

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