Comment on My Lights Dim When the Toilet Flushes by Eric Coyle.

If yer on a well with a pump, you likely got a pressure tank next to the pumpin order to maintain water pressure,

On that pressure tank, their is likely an air fitting on the top to apply pressure to the water. I’m really just guessing, but over the years the diaphram which keeps the air pressure may have leaked and the diaphragm essentially collapsed, such that you have no residual air pressure to keep the flow going.

Water is no compressible, so when the pressure drops, the pump kicks in immediately if you don’t have the pressure reserve that the diaphram that the pressure tank would provide. You may just have to pump some air into your pressure tank.

Comment is really late I know, but maybe the problem still persists/

Eric in Calgary .

I just know the theory, not the practice- got no idea how much pressure to put in the tank, but if I’m right you should see a fitting on top of the tank with a valve stem all same as your car tires on the top, so call a local plumber

It would be really bizarre to hae the toilet plumbed into the hot water, but not incomprehesibel it high humidity localles. But even then it would not be an immediate “light dimming” but take some minutes for that to happen

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