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  • Hi there kiddo,
    Really great piece of writing. Enjoyed it tremendously. [..Pop..]

  • you are one funny dude! i’m commenting on this page cuz there’s no room on your house centipede page which is why I’M UP AT 1:30 AM!!!

    i saw one of them in the bathroom when i went to get a glass of water and though i couldn’t see myself in the mirror i knew i must have turned white with fear… those mother (add the word that describes copulation but the plural form) are freakin’ nasty (add the word that means a fatherless child)…

    we’ve had them before and dude i’m like “why does god do this to me” (hey, if he does it to someone else well hey, stop complaining you little baby! but dude THIS is ME i’m talking about!)…. maybe i screamed a bit in soprano range, maybe i didn’t… i’m just saying is all… now, if we only had a dog, but i hate to have to pick up after doggy doodoo, why can’t they pick up after me… but i digress… we do have a bunny though…. which makes me think, could this be a kind of trojan bunny with billions of house centi’s hiding inside, waiting for us to fall asleep before devouring us!!! i mean i did kinda have this “thing” going with a very cute house centi girl the other day but how was i to know she was already married to this other house centi guy (you know, the whole helen of troy thing…. arrrggghhh i did it again!!! adh wait did you hear the one about luke sky walker and the house centi…. ooops, sorry….. d (jus finishing where i left off)

    ok so maybe i should go to bed now…. do these things sleep… like is there some kind of house centi lullaby i can play like the monster mash but insted the house centi SMASH!!! or maybe i could buy this giant house centi suit and pretend i’m one of them, hand out sometime with some of the cooler ones sometime, skip class and smoke cigarettes with the bad ones that we all wanted to be like in high school, then we throw a party see…. and they all come over to my place see cuz im the big mac daddy of em all…. then i tell em to crash at my place cuz mommy and daddy house centis aint in DIS house yo! so we hang and finally i fall asleep… with my weird squiggly legs hangin out all over the place and all these little m f’ers (see WAY above) start to feed on me through them and as they do i start rollin’ all over em and kill em all, every last one, by the thousands!! tens of thousands!! hundreds off!!! you get the point…

    help!!! i can’t sleep anymore!!! not ever!!!

    Wholesale Elimination of Ants in and Around the House

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