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Here are a few photos of the first case mod I did. The case was a standard steel case and I had to use a plasma cutter to cut our the window, dremel wheels and discs were not an option, they're slow, expensive and burn up quickly. The plasma cutter on the other hand was quick, already there and has a long life span!

The case was sanded and primed repeatedly, bent steel has many wobbles and curves and other things which make it hard to get a flat surface without going through a lot of work. It was worth it though and the paint turned out well.

One thing special I did for this mod, aside from the Mirage color shifting paint job, was to cut a window out of the top of an old hard drive. It was not a big loss when it finally died, as it was only being used as temporary storage space, as well as swap file space for applications. Was fun while it lasted!