Computer Case Mods and Computer Cooling Resources
Updated May 9,2007

Case Mod Logs

First ever case mod (not a log)
Second mod -- In Progress Updated May 1,2007 -- Water Cooled Lian Li PC-343B

Internal Links

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External Links - Acrylic Tutorials and Information

Building an Acrylic Aquarium I highly recommend this site if you plan on making your own box style reservoirs, the content here is priceless for getting gluable edges and producing quality work!

External Links - Electronics Cooling Resources

Electronics Cooling Magazine I certainly recommend checking this site, there's a ton of cool information about different methods of cooling electronic systems and you may pick up some ideas from here!

External Links - TEC / Peltier Cooler Resources

Wiki Reference on the Peltier-Seebeck Effect This is a must read if you are looking into using Peltier coolers. It's always good to have a strong understanding of the origins and principals. Use this as a starting point or for general information. As Always, Wikipedia is a user modified encyclopedia, things may be innaccurate and corrected/not corrected at any time.
Overclockers.COM Resources for TECs / Peltiers This is rather dated information from 2000-2002, however the concepts and discussion still apply. The accuracy of the technical / electronics content is fairly good as well.

External Links - Heat Pipes Tech info on heatpipes Tech info on heat pipes Home made heat pipes, 3 revisions Various thermal solutions and heat pipe discussion

External Links - Computer Overclocking and Computer Case Mod Sites

Overclock.Net Also known as OCN, this is a large forum system for overclocking computers, computer case modding, computer cpu cooling, computer case cooling and everything else under the sun PC related, go there and get an account, become a pro and have fun!

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