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House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataHey Jon / Everybody,

This site has been very informative.. I’m here to share my story.

The reason I decided to post on this blog, is that while going to the bathroom I noticed something VERY.. VERY… VERRY tiny.. literally about this size on your monitor :
– – – – – – –

~~~~ <– Centipede REAL SIZE

– – – – – – –

I've seen HUGE ones before, and medium sized ones.. but never before in my life have i seen on this tiny. It was literally the size of one of those itty-bitty ants. Anyway, the only reason I saw this was because it was scurrying around on my white-tile bathroom floor. I thought it was a spider at first, but noticed it had these HUGE two attenas, and around 4 / 6 legs. The attenna were just like the big-daddy ones, and were about 2.5x the size of the bug's body.

So after this first encounter, of course I started to panic and look around frantically..(keep in mind I'm in the middle of going #2.. and you can't really just STOP and get up). After scanning the room with my eyes, I saw ANOTHER running around.. and than ANOTHER… and i just wanted to cry. I was trapped in a bathroom, infested with little house centipede BABIES. Which i guess is a lot better than being in a bathroom with HUGE ones.

The thing is, I've never EVER seen the babies before. We started seeing these things in Indianapolis, Indiana(in our house) about 5-6 years ago. NEVER BEFORE THAT. Now they are here all year-round, however the quantity varies over the seasons. I hate the thought of these little BABIES running around. THere's absolutely no way I would notice them on a carpet, or on the walls. They look like a SPEC OF DIRT, or like a flake of food, or HAIR. It's terrifying to me.

Also, I've randomly woken up with these little "bumps" that itch a lot, and seem to stay for a day or two. I'm wondering if these could be these things BITING me over night. I get them in random places(usually my arms), and have never found an explanation for them.

My house is HUGEEEEE, and I can't imagine trying to fix every nook and cranny to stop them.

We have a variety of exterminators come out bi-monthly to spray the oUTSIDE of the house.. but now I'm conviced we need to start doing this INSIDE as well.. or maybe fire the guys we have because it's not working.

Anyway, I hate bugs.. I hate them more than anything.. and I want to cry right now. I wish I could just put them out of my mind, and not care like some of you guys can do, but I can't.

Thanks for letting me vent about these stupid freakin things. I really hate them.


ps. I feel like I just got bit 20 times throughout the time it took to write this.

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