Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by Katharina Meotti.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataHi there, I am writing you from South Tyrol, Italy. We bought a house (100yrs.+)here and moved to it a year ago and seeing that is was already occupied 😉 and in urgent need to calm our kids like “but they are completely harmless honey and they sure are NO spiders” (thanking heaven that they are sooo fast so that I did not have to catch them…brrrr) and then, however, every time not knowing what to answer when the kids screamed “what IS this muuuuummyyyyy!!!” AND seeing that they get bigger and bigger (sometimes it´s like meeting old friends and in the meantime the kids have started to call them by names…)and yet arriving more tiny tiny ones escaping in a terrified way, I finally took my time and searched for them in the net, finding your incredible site!! Dear Jon…thank you very very much for having answered all my questions about those creatures…spooky yet fascinating!! Well, so the saying goes “live and let live” (hopefully also they keep to that and´ll never bite anyone here), our family “cohabits” ;)with them.
A cordial greeting from Italy Jon and a real big THANK YOU for all your information!!
PS: By the way, we are surrounded by vineyards and I´ve heard the farmers really appreciate them because having them around they can do w/out pesticides!! And then…those fellows are nothing in comparison to the approx. 10 scorpions we find inside our house during a year @:-S (probably brought in with the firewood). Aaaargh ;-))!!

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