Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by Jennifer – house centipede eggs?.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataI HATE THESE THINGS! Now, almost all bugs will annoy me but I’ll put them outside … EXCEPT these. The only time I’ve seen them has been in the house I currently live in. It’s an old house, and we are moving out to an apartment in three weeks, and this is one of the things I’ll never miss. I see these guys at least once a month right now, and it was a lot more frequent last summer, the first year we lived in this house. They were mostly in the basement, and we always used Raid and they never survived. The VERY first time I saw one I was grossed out but tried to save it.

I put a glass over it and OMG did it sprint around like a crazy thing. It was running in circles so fast trying to escape that I was afraid to do anything until it calmed down in case it got out and ran right at me (enough to send me running and screaming for some reason). It stopped going crazy long enough for me to slip a thicker piece of paper under the glass like I’ve done with all other bugs I’ve saved and taken outside. However, this thing’s legs just popped off, about half of them, and lay on the paper twitching. I totally gagged. NOW what do I do?! I feel bad killing it but what’s it going to do without half its legs?! I picked up the whole contraption and, I’m not kidding, more of it’s legs just fell off by the movement itself. It was down to like, 7 legs. I tried to save it, but ended up flushing it so he didn’t live in misery. But from now on, after that, AND after having so many sprint right at/near me while I was minding my own business, I just go right for the vacuum.

My question is this: I just found one on our wall and sucked it up in the vacuum. I had noticed before sucking it up that there was some weird, off white stuff on one of its sides. It looked almost like insulation material. I sucked it up and that stuff stayed on the wall. Curious, I got closer. It still looked like insulation, but when I went to wipe it off with a paper towel, I found it hard, only coming off in little hard chunks. I canNOT tell what this stuff is! I think it’s eggs, but I can’t find any pictures of them or very good descriptions of them online.

What do you think? I’m going to scrape it off my wall just in case it is eggs (if those hatch in here I’m never coming back inside!). I’d love to know what this stuff was and what the nasty bug was doing next to/on it!

Thanks for the site, too! 🙂

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