Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by Margo.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataWe moved to our home in Birmingham, AL, 8 yrs ago from Charlotte, NC. About 6 weeks after moving in, I had my first house centipede sighting, in our basement playroom, along the baseboard, right by the door to the outside. I had no clue what it was and I grew up in Alabama! We then began seeing them inside pretty regularly, and on all levels of the house. My son says a garden bed right beneath one front bay window (which is covered with some evergreen ground cover plant) is TEAMING with them. I am confident this is just an incubator for them and then they move right in. Indoor sightings definitely taper off around late fall and mostly through the winter. However, it seems I saw one earlier this year than in previous years. I’ve had them dive-bomb me from above my computer desk and land right in front of me and I’ve seen them in the shower, scurry from under the stove, lurking on the bathroom floor and *seemingly* caught running in my kitchen sink as if it can’t get up the smooth sides. When I find one there, is it likely it actually came out of the drain??

I am puzzled to read posts all over the internet where people have said they’re difficult to kill. While my husband hates, hates, hates for me to spray them, I have found that one, tiny, barely-noticeable spritz of Raid does the trick instantaneously. Also, just a quick grab with a wad of toilet tissue is instantly deadly to these pests, as well. I am not sure why folks say they don’t die easily.

However, that they die easily enough is no solace for me!!! I abhor them!!

So, why am I online reading about this nemesis of mine today? Well, I was awakened early this morning by one CRAWLING on me. At first I thought I had imagined it, but I woke up, trying to shake-off the sleep and determine if what I thought was real really WAS. I moved the sheets and even though I didn’t have my glasses on, sure enough, I saw a HUGE one scurry across the bed and down to the floor. Ugh! So, I then knew I had NOT imagined the crawling sensation that awakened me. Now I’m frantically trying to find out if I can rid our home of these things – – I CANNOT have them crawling on me at night! (Who knows how many times it’s happened before but I didn’t wake up?!?!) One can imagine I am not thrilled to read that banishing them is not entirely possible. Really?! Are we SURE?! Is there truly NO way to do it?!

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