Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by Lisa Marie Mazzocchi.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataI have seen a couple of these horrid things over the years but about 6 months ago moved into a place that is quite infested. It is like I moved into Hell. My whole life has been turned upside down!!My 1100.00$ per month apt. turned into a disgusting, creepy, jail of sorts with no less than 4 hysterical phone calls to my landlord before he even called an exterminator 3 months later which turned out to be a joke. I have a $3000.00 small claims case pending now for breaching the warranty of habitability! I will chalk it up to a life experience. But if anyone is out there w/ this problem, you do have recourse which took me 5 months to find out.!!

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