Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by kappa.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataFor about a week I have seen a grayish-dark shadow thing that looks like it’s hovering/fluttering (but VERY FAST) as it runs across the floor in one corner of room. it’s always at night and I usually have few lights on and I have never been able to SEE it — I just catch it out of corner of my eye and by the time I look it’s already gone!!

It looks almost like a bat shadow fluttering across the ground —

And I began to think I was just ‘seeing things’ (like an eye problem or tv shadow)

But then I caught the freakishly fast shadow thing when tv was off (corner of eye again) and —

tonight I saw it again. I actually thought it might be a tiny mouse (or a vole — no tail)

And then I FREAKED OUT!!

But, it makes no sense if it’s a mouse bc there are no signs of mouse infestation — nothing has been nibbled, no droppings, NOTHING is disturbed — and there is an open bag of rice flour right where I see the shadow move as well as other little ‘snacky’ items and NONE of them are disturbed at all (in all these 7-10 days)

Then I thought of the centipede thing.

Years ago I saw a house centipede in exactly that spot (killed it – freaked out! LOL)

Did a little research and the following check out: I’ve only seen ‘shadow’ at night, the movement is SO fast I have yet to get a visual on it, it looks like it’s fluttering or hovering, nothing in the area is disturbed (there are a bunch of plastic bags and food items) — and finally it has been RAINING — A LOT — a lot a lot a lot (unusually so)

So I’m guessing it might be a house centipede — and I REALLY hope it’s not a mouse or a vole — I really really hope it’s a centipede (although I really don’t want to see it! LOLL)

What other signs might help me clue in?


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