Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by A.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataJust saw a 1.5 incher run across
my bathroom floor—not the first one–or the second one since I moved into this rental in DPort—and although they look soooo scary and I want to squish them/catch them and throw them down the tub drain (which would probably be a good place for them to hide until I leave the bathroom), I usually just either try to gently direct them behind the vanity (out of sight, out of mind) or under the bathroom built-in shelving—because I KNOW they will not bother me AND they WILL eat any other bugs lurking around.
BUT THAT BEING SAID…I still shudder a little when I see one…and worry about every time I get an “itch” on my legs for the next few hours no matter WHERE in the house I am!!
I grew up on Cape Cod (Northside of MidCape) but NEVER saw these bugs before I moved to Dennis Port area at age 50!! So along with the coyotes (coywolves?) and turkeys everywhere now, I am wondering if maybe they got together and ran over one of the Canal bridges late one fall night after all the tourists went home (kidding)…

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