Comment on House Centipede – Scutigera coleoptrata by YD8.

House Centipede - Scutigera ColeoptrataI just moved into a basement apartment about 3 months ago and keep seeing these creepy things! I don’t hesitate to grab a shoe and squish them. This is my home and I rather not have them hanging around under my couch and in my washroom. Ohhhhh they give me the creeps!
Last week I noticed I got a big red bite under my thigh. It hurt as hell! I thought it was a pimple but then the next 3 times I slept and woke up I had the same bite but smaller in various spots of my legs. I thought maybe its bedbugs but turns out it wasn’t. I just know it is those creepy crawlies.. maybe getting revenge for killing one too many of their family members?
Just talking about them makes me twitch in disgust! Eeeks!

I don’t know if I can sleep tonight 🙁

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