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Here is something special. I told you that I had bought 15" Ultra-Violet (blacklight) CCFL lamps previously, and then I told you that I thought he water reservior was about 15" tall because something I was mounting in it was 15" and fit almost perfectly. Well, if you haven't guessed it by now, I'll let you in on a secret, I mounted the UV lamp into the reservior. The coolant in the water cooling loop will be dyed with a fluorescent dye, so with this lamp, and the light pipe properties of the acrylic, this reservior should look absolutely stunning. Below are several photo's of the reservior with the lamp in it, to give you an idea. The 1/4" acrylic makes an excellent UV filter, but we don't need to let the UV out of the reservior, just illuminate the liquid inside. The liquid will fluoresce in colors which aren't blocked by the acrylic. It's a win / win situation all around!

Short mod log entry, a lot of work though with great results!

-- End Part 9
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