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I did some painting on the Lian Li 343B case, I stripped all the loose parts out and drilled a couple of rivets. This included the removal of the caster case feet which will be replaced at a later date. I decided to go with a flat black paint, it has a nice look with the black brushed aluminum that makes up most of the cosmetic panels on this case.

Good old Krylon paint does it again. Aerosol spray paint cans can be a pain to work with and sometimes not produce good results or bad ones such as drips, splatters, etc, even if you know how to paint. But I can certainly say I'd much rather deal with them than a brush!

Here is what the case looked like before painting, but after 'tear down'. All panels were cleaned with mineral spirits to remove manufacturing oils, finger oils and dirt, and then lightly scuffed with a brillo pad.

I didn't bother priming the surface with a primer, or etching primer, flat black is kind of a primer in itself, the case was fairly clean anyways and the adherence of the paint was fine.

Here is the proof, the final painting of the case, some metal spots were hard to get to, but when all was said and done it turned out pretty well and I am happy with the results, once everything is enclosed and installed this is going to look great, and hopefully pop the motherboard and cables and water cooling system right out there.

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